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EasiRetrofit G4 SureFit DBA LED T8 Tube Lamp

   UL Classified  

G4 SureFit® DBA+ LED Tube - 4-ft, 2-ft

aleddra Aleddra is pushing the energy efficient lighting technology again with its latest breakthrough LED tube product: G4 SureFit DBA tube. DBA stands for Double-end safety switch, Ballast-compatible, and AC-in friendly. In other words, it can operate with and without a ballast. It gives the facilities manager the option to either remove the ballast immediately during retrofit so as to postpone the retrofit labor until the ballast dies, or to bypass the ballast immediately to save more energy. There is no need to purchase and install new ballast. It works with most Instant Start ballasts. It helps the end user to obtain energy rebate regardless the local utility company's preference on whether to keep the ballast in the fixture or not. Most importantly, the DBA tube is very competitively priced.

The DBA+ (plus) tube comes with a field replaceable driver. Rather than buying the replaceable driver when needed, the end user can purchase 10-year extended driver warranty from Aleddra. Coupled this with the standard 5-year warranty on the lamp, the DBA+ tube offers the best 10-year ROI for T8/T12 retrofits and gives the facilities manager "peace of mind."

Aleddra's SureFit DBA tube comes with a universal driver, supporting 110V-277V input voltage when operating with AC-in line voltage. It is available in 4-ft and 2-ft, and its color temperatures include 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. It is UL 1598C Classified for both U.S. and Canada and DLC listed, and it is available for purchase.

Spec Sheet

LM-79 Report (4-ft, 40K, frosted lens, 120V/277V)

LM-79 Report (4-ft, 50K, frosted lens, 120V/277V)

Best Double-ended LED T8 Tube Lamp

UL Classified  

3 Ft. T8 LED EasiRetrofit® Tube

The UL-classified aleddra Linear Tube sets the standard for LED Linear Light Tubes designed to replace conventional fluorescent lights (T12 & T8) while utilizing the existing fixture. With a primary emphasis on safety, it incorporates the patented double safety switch which insures installers' safety by preventing electrical shock prior to proper installation. The linear tube is ideal for warehouses, offices, hallway lighting, garage lighting (with approved fixtures) and hard-to-reach locations, as well as 24-hour applications.

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Best Double-ended LED T8 Tube Lamp

UL Classified  

5 Ft. T8 LED EasiRetrofit® Tube

aleddra LLT's are designed to replace conventional fluorescent lamps (T12 & T8) while utilizing the existing fixture. They are ideal for offices, hallways, garage parking structures and hard-to-reach locations that require 24-hour lighting. Low energy consumption plus zero maintenance equals excellent savings for the life of the light. Constructed of high impact plastic and aluminum, it is ideal for environments that experience intense vibration and extreme conditions. All tubes are tested according to UL standards prior to leaving our factory to insure that you receive a light that performs consistently for up to 50,000 hours.

Spec Sheet

LM-79 Report


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